Monday, August 8, 2011

Blogging away....

Ok folks, so I have been pretty consumed by the heat lately... not wanting to do much.  But I have been searching for new crochet patterns and have even come up with a cool design of my own by MISTAKE of course!!! I had no idea what I was really making and the girls at work were joking that I was making hunting headbands for their boyfriends and husbands... well what I came up with was totally awesome!!! I want to wake my little one just to try it on and take a picture!  It will be up on my facebook page at for sale by tomorrow morning and tomorrow night we will try to get some photos of my daughter wearing it!  It will be made as you order it.  All sizes up to Tween - sizes (kiddos no older than 11/12 I would think....)

This is pretty cute - I think - Leave me some feedback on what you think!

Not a great picture but hey its up for now....
This is a 0-3 size will be up in my facebook soon!

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