Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meet Baby "S"

So lucky to meet Baby "S" when she was all giggles!  Mom and Dad were pretty proud to show her off   :-) - I was just lucky enough to capture cute little smiles!

And baby makes "FOUR!!!"

I was so lucky to have the privilege of getting this family together to show the excitement as they await the arrival of their little girl!  The big brother is so excited to meet his little sister, he could hardly stand still for his pictures to be taken!

But alas, we have found the pefect fit for this family! 

There comes a time when...

So excited to have my pictures captured and so excited to share them with my family who isn't here to see us all the time... 38 weeks and counting – only a few left to go before we welcome our baby girl to our family!

38 weeks and counting...

... the photographer needs to be photographed...

Enjoying a day in the yard with our puppies!

Out to spend a day with our dogs as we are so looking forward to the warm weather and being able to get out and go hiking again soon!

First newbie of the Year!!!

So excited for Jon & Kristi as they welcomed their new bundle of joy at the end of January! Genevieve was such a great gal when we decided to capture her in the beginning...

The First Bump of the Year

I could not wait to finally get a chance to capture Kristi's bump! We had been planning for a while in hopes that her little pumpkin would allow us the very best pictures